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Nourishing Client Relations

Le storie di Job Digital Lab: Viviana Fabbri

Nourishing Client Relations

Nourishing Client Relations

Job Digital Lab Stories: Viviana Fabbri’s Recipe

Heart, attention and listening are the key words for the on-line style professed by Viviana Fabbri Marketing Specialist at Gino Fabbri Pasticcere. It’s about words that she has tasted and learned amidst her family kitchen and the pastry shop.

Viviana will share her passion on May 30 in Bologna at the “Food 4.0: Enterprise Identity in a Digital World” event, as part of the Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action.

Here is the story, presented with the help of Nicoletta Vulpetti, who is really passionate about identity stories. And we continue to enrich the third edition of programme, conceived with ING Italia, with the stories of individuals who are the protagonists of personal and community change. 


It’s a family tradition. Gino Fabbri is my father. Pastry was not my immediate horizon. I was attending a pharmacy programme at university. I began hanging out at the pastry shop in 2003, after my state “maturità” exam, to help my parents on busy Saturday mornings. Then, it became my definitive choice. I had understood what my contribution could be.

Cakes are more than food for the body. They are a hug during moments of sadness and mark festivities. Our clients tell us so. When they wane sad, they come here, sit down at a table and have a hot chocolate or an apple tart and immediately feel pampered.

I wanted to work on this relation. In 2010, I began working here full-time. I developed a website. This forced me to understand what and how I should say it; comprehend the relation with our clients. We are just outside of Bologna. People come here because they want to, because of the quality of our products, and because we welcome them as friends.

From the website, I moved on to social media. I extended this relation to Facebook and Instagram. During Covid, we tried to cheer up our clients. I asked my father if I could make a video of him cooking. He agreed and we ended up creating a tight, interacting community. Social networks are constantly changing. You have to study, experiment, and have the right sensibility to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Heart, attention and listening are the key words of our narration. We describe the passion we put into choosing the right ingredients: looking for them, tasting them, and trying them out before proposing them to our clients.

We minutiously describe what lies behind every product: nothing is left to chance, everything is meticulously prepared. It’s our way of showing our love and respect for our clients. After all, there is not relations without listening. Our clients are an active part of our business. It could not be any other way.

Faced with new possibilities, I always say: let’s try. If working in a pastry shop has taught me one thing, it’s that you should never give up when a recipe doesn’t work out on the first attempt. Commitment produces results.

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