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We collaborate on international communication and awareness campaigns, such as eSkills for Jobs, launched by the European Commission in 22 countries, as well as on national initiatives to strengthen the corporate social responsibility of partner organizations. And of course there is no shortage of our authorial campaigns, such as "Knowledge is Wealth. Share it!" and "My future? It's up to me!"

Our campaigns

Campagna volontari della conoscenza

Knowledge is an asset, share it!

The official ad for the Knowledge Volunteers Network membership campaign. Thanks to the experience gained with the intergenerational learning model that the Fondazione Mondo Digitale has been promoting in Italy...

Campagna Fattore J

Fattore J

Fondazione Mondo Digitale with Janssen Italia, the pharmaceutical subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is testing the first curriculum for Italian schools to educate young people to develop emotional intelligence, respect...

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