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Alfonso Molina

Personal Ecosystem Canvas

Designed by Professor Alfonso Molina, the Personal Ecosystem Canvas (PEC) is a tool for investigating the personal ecosystem to align it with the social and work spheres. The personal ecosystem-multidimensional...

Laboratori di cittadinanza digitale integrata e sostenibilità

Laboratori di cittadinanza digitale integrata e sostenibilità

The book Laboratori di cittadinanza integrale e sostenibilità. Proposte di unità di apprendimento disciplinari e digitali per la secondaria di primo grado is published by Erickson. The volume contains eleven...

Job Digital Lab learning cards

Play your cards with Job Digital Lab!

Each learning card, designed for the Job Digital Lab project, contains little information that is easy to memorize, to quickly familiarize yourself with the new language and master the basic...

Mirta Michilli

Contributions by Mirta Michilli

Contributions on social innovation and digital transformation of schools are published in specialized journals and magazines. A selection of articles is being updated: PUBBLICAZIONI M. Michilli, Un presidente dalla maniere...

Alfonso Molina

Contributions by Alfonso Molina

A selection of interviews, insights, articles, etc. related to the work of the Digital World Foundation and the role of scientific director: Molina, A., Innovazione Sociale e Tecnologica, Apprendimento Intergenerazionale...

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Insieme si riparte

I tutorial di Insieme si riparte

The ten videos are produced as part of the Insieme si riparte project, a collaboration with INMI Lazzaro Spallanzani and the Lazio Region to counter the isolation of older people...

risorse del progetto Holomakers

Holograms at school

The page dedicated to intellectual outputs contains the final version of the teaching materials produced during the European project HoloMakers - Motivating secondary school students toward STEM careers through hologram...

Migrant guides (Iprit)

Guide per i migranti (Iprit)

The guide Prospettive di collaborazione italo-marocchina, published in Italian and French in October 2013, was written specifically for the IPRIT - Immigrazione Percorsi di regolare in Italia project, based on...

Maestri d'Italia

Maestri d'Italia

The six episodes of Maestri d'Italia hosted by Cristiana Zambon during the period of isolation due to the health emergency Nonno sei vicino, anche se sei distante Nonno online, che...

Foto di Anete Lusina:

e-Care Family

With the e-Care Family project (2012-13) in the schools of Civita Castellana, Rieti, Tivoli and Viterbo, safety and prevention is studied in the agricultural, domestic, industrial and ceramic fields through...

Interland: avventure digitali

Interland: avventure digitali

Thanks to the collaboration with Scuola Holden, a creative writing school founded in Turin, the Vivi Internet, al meglio project is enriched with a new educational tool. Interland: digital adventures...