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The Beauty of Technology

Le storie di Job Digital Lab: Vito Santarcangelo

The Beauty of Technology

The Beauty of Technology

Job Digital Lab stories: Discovering the business “i” factor with Vito Santarcangelo

"... Reason and sentiment dialogue to enhance each other. The human being is made of this union and our company aims to give voice to the complexity that describes us. For us, art, human values, and the habitat marry technology."

Vito Santarcangelo, founder of IInformatica, told us his story on April 27 in Matera at the Enterprise 5.0: Digital Transformation Goes Sustainable event as part of the Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action.

Here is the story, presented with the help of Nicoletta Vulpetti, who is really passionate about identity stories. And we continue to enrich the third edition of programme, conceived with ING Italia, with the stories of individuals who are the protagonists of personal and community change. 

At home, amidst Aunt Ida's nativity scenes, Grandma Rosa's sartorial creations, and my sister Nancy's paintings, I have always been surrounded by art. Then, I had the privilege of having an artist as a teacher, Professor Malvaso, and it was a gift would accompany me for a lifetime. This is how the passion for beauty became a part of my way of doing things, both at work and in my private life.

When we set up our company, we decided to do so by bringing together a multifaceted and multidisciplinary team (engineers, researchers, intellectual property experts, computer scientists, communication and marketing experts), who were active in the experimental development of advanced technological and publishing solutions for local businesses.

We wanted to do more than provide technical answers to our customers. We wanted those who relied on us to visualize what did not exist yet, starting from the descriptive and aesthetic concept of new products.

Our innovative SME is a small reality compared to large groups in the IT sector, but we have the will – or better, the vocation - to build a close and empathic relation with entrepreneurs, to translate their ideas into visual representations, in which beauty becomes the outward representation of good design. This provided through the visual stories developed by our Creative Director, Antonio, by the emotions and ideas created by our talented “concepteur” Alex, and by Gioele’s illustrations and 3D models. We believe that logic and empathy are not at all in opposition: reason and feeling dialogue to enhance each other.

Human beings embody this union, and our company aims to give voice to the complexity that describes us. For us, art, human values, and the habitat marry technology. Examples are Lucanum, Sicanium, Sardum and the Realverso.

"The letter "i" appears several times in our name. It represents the IT sector that we have chosen as our field of action; the idea of doing things together because our story is a beautiful one of friendship before it is a story of business; the love that we have for our country, so much so that we like to define ourselves as "in love with Italy"; and the innovation and engineering that we want to bring to the service not only of utility but also of beauty."

And most of all, we want work to be a meaningful human experience. If man is not happy, how can he contribute to the enterprise of building something great?

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