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Rights: Issues amongst Digital and Analogue Rights

Le storie di Job Digital Lab: Manfredi Domina

Rights: Issues amongst Digital and Analogue Rights

Rights: Issues amongst Digital and Analogue Rights

Job Digital Lab Stories: how to transform a start-up in a legal tech.

"For us, everything is digital, and nothing is digital," says Manfredi Domina, CEO and co-founder Keplera. "We work in technology and above all conduct research" to innovate legal consultancy also with the integration of artificial intelligence.

Manfredi will share his story on April 20 in Palermo during the event on Technologies 4.0 and Digital Strategies to Grow Your Business as part of educational programme Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action.

Here is a preview of some parts of the story the help of Nicoletta Vulpetti, who is really passionate about identity stories. And we continue to enrich the third edition of Programme Job Digital Lab, conceived with ING Italia, with the stories of individuals who are the protagonists of personal and community change.

Keplera was founded in March 2021, combining our experience as freelancers with the intuition of providing start-ups in Sicily with a partner working in the legal field, capable of speaking their own language and following their pace.

One year later, in February 2022, we decided to transform ourselves into a legal tech company, placing technology at the heart of our company.

The idea was to help companies solve issues related to contract management – from drafting, signing, and negotiating contracts – to providing an easy-to-use tool that can fully support them.

From this idea, we moved on to a market-ready product and important collaborations with Bocconi University, the Palermo Bar Association, Sicindustria, and leading law firms both in the area and in Italy.

If I were to think about the reason that makes me tie my shoes every morning, I would say that sometimes we don't even have time to tie them!

Creating a start-up is a path of profound growth, emotional ups and downs that make the days interesting, but also extremely dense. However, what makes us get up and run every morning is an enormous passion for what we do, a great sense of responsibility towards the people who work with us and above all our vision of revolutionizing the world of contract management thanks to our technology. We walk, sometimes we run, but we are always looking forward.

For us, everything is digital, and nothing is digital.

Everything is digital because we have always set up our work so it can be managed from anywhere in the world. Sometimes, we work from three or four different countries. However, above all, we do technology and research. Our most recent example is the integration of artificial intelligence into LexHero.

In addition to digital tools, we also have a strong attachment to the “off-line” world because the language of law is still rather "analogue" and needs to be innovated with habits and working methods that have not yet been digitized.

And that's okay, because one thing doesn't exclude the other. We always try to do our best, whatever dimension we find ourselves in".

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