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Le Palestre dell'Innovazione

Against educational poverty innovation gyms in the suburbs

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For inclusive development of the country and full citizenship

We intervene in emergencies with innovative and systemic solutions in strategic areas: educational poverty, youth unemployment, adult literacy, active aging, migrant inclusion, etc.

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The benefits that come from knowledge, new technologies and innovation should benefit all people without any kind of discrimination.


Educational innovation

We invest in schools and training, involving teachers in innovative teaching projects and enhancing their role as agents of change.
povertà educativa

Educational poverty

Portiamo in nuovi territori il modello della Palestra dell’Innovazione per contrastare la povertà educativa, ridurre dispersione e abbandono scolastico, e fornire uno spazio di confronto e crescita per la comunità educante.

Special needs

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Our Projects



A multi-event dedicated to the innovation ecosystem on three axes, robotics, artificial intelligence and life sciences, and with a strategic vision: new generations as an enabling technology for development. Since...

Apprendimento intergenerazionale

Tra generazioni. L'unione crea il lavoro

Exchange of skills as a cultural accelerator. Fondazione Mondo Digitale and CNA Pensionati for intergenerational training, enhancement of craftsmanship and creation of new job opportunities. The special edition in health...

Le nostre campagne

Campagna volontari della conoscenza

Knowledge is an asset, share it!

The official ad for the Knowledge Volunteers Network membership campaign. Thanks to the experience gained with the intergenerational learning model that the Fondazione Mondo Digitale has been promoting in Italy...