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Smart & Heart Rome

Smart & Heart Rome
Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Smart & Heart Rome

Smart & Heart Rome

7 gyms in the suburbs and activities at the Rome Città Educativa

The three-year “Smart&HeartRome” Programme, promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and the City of Rome, will hold activities at the Rome “Città Educativa” and create seven new phyrtual innovation gyms in the city’s suburbs. Rome’s “Città Educativa” will be transformed into a permanent digital education hub for all citizens. Furthermore, the phyrtual innovation gym model will be extended to city areas with social unease and inequality to strengthen the role of school as a guarantor of sustainable development for the entire community.


The project will be presented on Monday, September 13 at 11:00 am at the Istituto comprensivo Melissa Bassi in Tor Bella Monaca. 


  • 7 sustainable operative phyrtual innovation gyms
  • 1 integrated activity plan for the Rome “Città Educativa”
  • 4 main axes for the courses at the “Città Educativa”
  • 60.000 participants will be involved in “phyrtual” (physical and virtual) activities
  • 50 smart city projects (social and civic innovation)
  • 8 universities will participate with orientation activities
  • 50 local partners
  • 3000 educational sessions
  • 12,000 course hours
  • 50 coaches and tutors
  • 10 original “Città Educativa” educational products
  • 500+ prints



The Città Educativa will be transformed into a permanent digital education hub for the entire community. It will be an original and high-value sustainable model for local development, in line with the main challenges established by the Agenda 2030 and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Four Main Axes

  • New Technology for Everyone – experiment with useful technology such as e-gov services, etc.
  • A Solidary City – educational programmes and projects for fragile categorties (elders, foreigners, unemployed, etc.)
  • Social Innovation and Development – a platform to identify local issues and develop social and civic innovation projects to solve them, involving associations, agencies and local companies.
  • Youth in Transition – original orientation and tutoring courses for youth not studying or working, to help them become self-entrepreneurs.



The phyrtual innovation gym model will be extended to suburbs characterised by social unease. We will create seven new gyms in the most difficult areas to allow schools to become a natural local hub for the entire community and a guarantee of sustainability.  We will follow the design, implementation and operation until the gym is ready to operate independently and sustainably. Each gym will be equipped with a range of digital environments (Activity Space, Coding Lab, Fab Lab, Game Lab, Immersive Lab, Media Art Lab, Robotics Centre, Video and Sound Labs), some of which will be custom-tailored to the local contexts. The gyms will allow activities to be held for schools, including afternoon labs with tutoring by independent teens, teacher training sessions, original labs for families and collaborative sessions to involve citizens and local organisations to identify solution to local problems.




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