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Knowledge is an asset, share it!

Campagna volontari della conoscenza
Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Knowledge is an asset, share it!

Knowledge is an asset, share it!

Knowledge Volunteers

The official ad for the Knowledge Volunteers Network membership campaign.

Thanks to the experience gained with the intergenerational learning model that the Fondazione Mondo Digitale has been promoting in Italy and Europe for more than twenty years, the Knowledge Volunteers Network and the campaign Knowledge is a wealth, share it! conceived by Professor Alfonso Molina, professor of Technology Strategies at the University of Edinburgh and scientific director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, was born.


Students dedicate themselves to digital literacy for the elderly; experienced artisans train young people on made-in-Italy crafts; young people provide their digital skills to renew artisan businesses; teachers promote FMD's education-for-life model by helping their students acquire skills useful for living and working in our century; over-60s teaching peers how to use new technologies; innovators who attend the Innovation Gymnasium make the skills they have acquired in the field available to younger people, etc.


Knowledge is an asset, share it!


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