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Sustainable Technology Craftsmen

Le storie di Job Digital Lab: Giuseppe Stella

Sustainable Technology Craftsmen

Sustainable Technology Craftsmen

Job Digital Lab stories: how to transform a company with a smile.

“We like to define ourselves as artisans of sustainable technology. It is in our DNA to recover and recycle materials. We don’t throw away anything,” says Giuseppe Stella, CEO of Stella All In One. "I am proud of what I do, but there is no success that can be achieved alone. I always thank everyone, because it is united that we face and win challenges."

Giuseppe Stella will tell us his story on April 27 in Matera at Enterprise 5.0: When Digital Transformation Becomes Sustainable, as part of Programme Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action.

Here is a preview of some parts of the story the help of Nicoletta Vulpetti, who is really passionate about identity stories. And we continue to enrich the third edition of Programme Job Digital Lab, conceived with ING Italia, with the stories of individuals who are the protagonists of personal and community change.

I was born into a family of road hauliers. This is where the Stella company started, but I've always been curious, with the desire to experiment.

Thus, over time, we have shifted from private removals to the logistics of furniture for large structures: hotels, hospitals, schools.

Over the course of 26 years, we have not only diversified our work, but we have also opened an office in Veneto. We needed more than just our starting region, so we sought excellence in the production of what we wanted to transport.

There are now 30 of us working in the company and our know-how is all internal: from pick-ups at companies, to installations, and the recycling of packaging.

We like to define ourselves as artisans of sustainable technology. It is in our DNA to recover and recycle materials. We don’t throw away anything.

In fact, we are a benefit corporation and innovative SME. We have put the industry 4.0 paradigm to good use by using the experience gained in the field. We have obtained three industrial invention patents and several award. There is nothing we cannot handle, and we always pay utmost attention to the environment. This is where the Tekbin was born, an intelligent container for the safe storage, certified destruction, and correct disposal of paper waste.

The most beautiful challenges were those with works of art. In 2019, we went to pick up Raphael's "Madonna del Velo" from the Cathedral of Toledo. It was returning to Italy, for the first time since 1676, to be exhibited in the Diocesan Museum of Matera. A good 2700 kilometres of road!

We prepared everything down to the smallest detail, also developing the technology needed to safely transport such a precious work. Our trucks, for example, are all hydropneumatic. They have air suspensions, which “neutralise” 90% of potholes. Furthermore, our specific tailor-made crates for transporting the works are all equipped with a data logger, capable of monitoring the internal temperature, humidity, and detecting the presence of jolts that could ruin the work.

Every we set out, our responsibility is considerable throughout the journey, but then the joy is even greater when we deliver it.

I am proud of what I do, but no success can be achieved alone. I always thank everyone because it is united that we face and overcome challenges.

Here we are like a family. we work hard, but always with a smile, because in the end what really matters is to feel good together.

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