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Overcoming Barriers with Digital Tools

Le storie di Job Digital Lab: Giorgio Santamaura

Overcoming Barriers with Digital Tools

Overcoming Barriers with Digital Tools

Job Digital Lab Stories: “We need three Cs: a computer, a connection and curiosity.”

He edited the first digital and interactive versions of Inspector Montalbano's investigations for Publisher Sellerio, managed and organized the work of 45 people and created a Digital Academy. Then he resigned and tried something new, always in the digital world, because he is convinced that to work in the sector all you need is " three Cs: a computer, a connection and curiosity".

Giorgio Santamaura, Scientific Coordinator of Edgemony, will present his story on April 20th in Palermo at the Technology 4.0 and Digital Strategies to Grow Your Enterprise event that will be held as part of Programme Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action

Here are some parts of his story, described with the help of Nicoletta Vulpetti, who is passionate about identity stories. And we continue to enrich the third edition of Programme Job Digital Lab, conceived with ING Italia, with the stories of individuals who are the protagonists of personal and community change.


I'm a digital veteran. I started working in this field in 2001, when we were just starting out here in Palermo. I grew up together with IM*MEDIA, the company where I worked for 17 years, creating interactive CD-ROMs about Inspector Montalbano, managing increasingly important clients and then becoming Head of Operations.

For seven years I managed and organized the work of 45 people, also participating in the selection processes for new hires. The first spark was born there.

During the interviews, we realized that candidates often lacked the minimum digital skills necessary to start working at the agency. So, we decided to start My Digital Academy, a training course for developers involving local companies, so that once trained, people were immediately hired. It was a successful experiment which, although isolated, indicated a direction.

They were seventeen beautiful, challenging, intense years. Then, I decided to quit.

I thought about it for a year and a half. Everyone told me I was crazy to leave, but I wanted to grow up, to do different things. I've never been afraid of change. Change can only do one good. It provides one with incentives to improve.

If one doesn’t change, they'll never know. I didn't have a plan B, but I always had faith that something good could happen. I was thinking of taking six months of vacation: travel, study, and slow down. And yet I never stopped working.

And the morning after, my adventure at Edgemony began as scientific coordinator.

We focus on training in three areas: digital marketing, product management and code development, with a clear propensity for networking and the aim to create a meaningful local impact and keep people here.

Digital tools are always important, but they are ten times so on an island. Surrounded by the sea, we are disconnected by nature. Digital tools allow us to break down borders.

And it is an accessible and inclusive field in itself. Anyone can start working in it. All you need are three Cs: a computer, a connection and curiosity.

But it's not enough for us to be connected through bits. At Edgemony, we provide people with physical experiences, not just on-line ones.

It is important for us to get to know each other, to bring together the various players in the area by organizing face-to-face events.

We are three-dimensional beings and, as such, we seek three-dimensional relationships.

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