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The Future is Already Here

Le storie di Job Digital Lab: Emanuela Labruna

The Future is Already Here

The Future is Already Here

Job Digital Lab Stories: Digital tools bring clients and products closer.

"No company will be able to face the future without a serious process digitalisation strategy. And the future is already here". Emanuela Labruna, finance and management control at AS Labruna srl, has no doubts about the effectiveness of digital transformation, from sales to predictive maintenance.

Emanuela Labruna tells us his story on march 9 in Bari during the event dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing for the Blue Economy: Local Enterprise Development organised as part of Programme Job Digital Lab – Training to Get Back in Action [register].

With the help of Nicoletta Vulpetti, who is passionate about identity stories, we are also enriching the third edition of Job Digital Lab, created with  ING Italia, with the stories of the people who are the protagonists of personal and community change.

“The company was founded in 1971. At the beginning it dealt with tractors, then from the 80s the business diversified to include diesel engines, generators, aerial platforms, truck cranes, and electric and hybrid powertrains, also embracing foreign markets. Since December 29, 2022 ,we have also become a “Benefit Company” for which we have officially formalized, and in a completely transparent manner, our social ethical objective of common benefit, including it in our statute and for which we will produce a specific budget, in addition to our ordinary one. Our involvement in the blue economy is very strong, both from a business point of view and in terms of sustainability and energy transition. In pursuing our business objectives, technology is of great help to us: not only in organizational and structural management, with processes that, thanks to digital tools, are more immediate and fluid, but also in the creation of new forms of communication that allow us to be closer to products and customers. With the virtual tours on our site, for example, we bring our factories to people, in real-time and without the need to plan physical movement. We are the ones who go to them, to illustrate the variety of our offer and letting customers into the machines and engines, so they may fully evaluate its main characteristics. Touch it with hand, so to speak. Similarly, when we participate in trade fairs, our presence is a phygital, where materiality and virtuality merge thanks to the use of 3D viewers and multimedia totems, with which anyone can immerse themselves in the story - in augmented reality - of products and processes. This allows us to reduce the incidence of road transport. Operating abroad, even in very distant countries, we also need to carry out diagnosis and maintenance. We have therefore digitized the after-sales service using the Remote Master (i.e., smart glass devices with which our staff can remotely follow an operator, helping him carry out repairs in real time). SEA 4.0 predictive maintenance on naval propulsion systems is also fundamental. It is connected to a blockchain that certifies data, making it usable throughout the useful life of the product, with energy savings, less pollution and 100% performance. No company will be able to face the future without a serious process digitalisation strategy. And the future is already here.”

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