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Vivi Internet, al meglio

Vivi Internet, al meglio

Vivi Internet, al meglio

Vivi Internet, al meglio

Fondazione Mondo Digitale joins the educational alliance of "Be Internet Awesome", the project Google dedicates to teachers, students and parents to experience how to live the web responsibly.


The Digital World Foundation enriches the program with innovative and experiential formats from the five training modules created to learn how to live well with the opportunities of the web, to access information, develop knowledge and connect with people around the world

    use technology with common sense
    learn to distinguish true from false
    guard your personal information
    spread kindness
    when in doubt, talk about it


"Live the Internet, at its Best" offers parents structured advice on digital literacy and a quiz to see if they have the knowledge they need to tackle the topic with their children. For teachers, the project provides a free course on digital literacy with a guide to share content and activities with students in the classroom. In the youth section, famous youtubers help children become more aware of their online presence and reflect on the possible consequences of their actions. From April 2021, the project will also include activities for students and their grandparents.

  • 24 months of the project
  • 80 teacher facilitators
  • 80 FMD facilitators
  • 32,000 teachers (including 12,000 trained in attendance)
  • 10,000 parents
  • 3,000 grandparents
  • 240,000 students reached with trained teachers
  • 25,000 students trained
  • 1 narrative text - "Interland: digital adventures"
  • 1 board game - "Interland"

For teachers and parents: training webinars on digital citizenship and online safety.

For primary and secondary school students: training workshops on.

  • Privacy & data with the Postal Police
  • Digital storytelling to tell an experience, a story, or a part of oneself while respecting the principles of netiquette
  • Fact checking to learn how to identify the pitfalls of online communication and develop critical sense
  • Kind communication to counter cyberbullying and online hate.

For the over 60s webinar on

  • Fake news and scams to learn how to distinguish the real from the fake
  • Data and privacy to learn how to guard your personal information
  • Digital storytelling to tell an experience, a story and enhance the experience of grandparents as "analog witnesses" of a time that young people did not experience. The activity involves interaction between elders and youth to foster intergenerational exchange and learning.

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For information
Marta Pietrelli, project assistant
cell +39 06 42014109