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The Kit:Cut Method at Corviale

Daniele Vigo al fab lab

The Kit:Cut Method at Corviale

The Kit:Cut Method at Corviale

DIY School: a series of labs for faculty

Teacher training continues at the Fratelli Cervi Comprehensive Institute to fully exploit the new learning spaces of the Innovation Gym, set up with Programme Smart & Heart Rome, financed by the city of Rome.

After the training session held on November 15 on “The Fab Lab: the laboratory where ideas take shape,” teachers return to the digital manufacturing machines to discover how to create a "DIY School". The course will begin with an overview of maker culture and conclude with the  construction of functional school furniture with the Kit:Cut Methodology. The objective is to support schools in teaching innovation and digital transformation, so that quality and inclusion are always directly proportional.

clear and simple instructions explain the design and development phases of the tools (design and teaching). Then, everyone follows the same process: download the files, create the tools, share the experience, and devise new courses to share. The kit contains instructions for making low-cost furniture, emotional robots, and laser books. The trainer is Daniele Vigo, maker and coordinator of the fab lab of the Innovation Gym on via del Quadraro.

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