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Curricular innovation

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Curricular innovation

Curricular innovation

It is the daily challenge for teachers to continuously regenerate methods, tools, and approaches in order to make learning engaging, relevant, and inclusive.

The "vertical curriculum" follows a logical and coherent progression along all levels of education, from the most elementary to the most advanced, to ensure continuity and consistency in student learning throughout the schooling process.

In a vertical curriculum, content and skills are structured to build a solid foundation in the early years of education and then progressively develop and deepen in subsequent levels. The goal is for students to acquire knowledge and skills in a gradual and structured manner, preparing them for increasingly complex challenges as they advance through the grades or levels of education.


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Curricular innovation

Curricular innovation is the daily challenge that sees teachers all over Italy engaged in the continuous regeneration of methods, tools, approaches, in order to make learning engaging, current, inclusive. The...

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