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Job Digital Lab

"La formazione che ti rimette in gioco!"

Between 2020 and 2021, over 5000 individuals in Italy chose Job Digital Lab to strengthen their digital skills and learn about new employment opportunities and emerging professional profiles.

With the second edition, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and ING Italia aim to provide an increasingly custom-tailored education based on the needs of individuals and areas through resources and innovative tools for the sustainable development of people and communities.

The ten-month project will involve 4000 individuals. The various activities will address the need for education, requalification and professional orientation of the most fragile and vulnerable workers with a particular attention to those most damaged by the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The objective is to experiment with a fluid, dynamic and personalised education that gives value to people, helping them to face situations with security, even in conditions of uncertainty, and acquiring a greater receptivity to change. Regional coordinators will custom tailor training to the personal needs of the people in their areas.

By networking experts, companies, trade associations, local administrations, public and private organisations, and employment centres, Project Job Digital Lab aims to strengthen its impact and multiplier effect, reaching about 100,000 individuals over the course of ten months.

The programme is based on six macro-activities:

  • Live Training Sessions with Experts – to strengthen digital and soft skills, learn about job search apps, discover the secretes of communication and digital production, and marketing 4.0.
  • Start-up Lab for Women – to support women seeking professional requalification through an entrepreneurial course ranging from business idea to initial prototyping.
  • Local Training Events – to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to meet with managers and institutional representatives to network and meet new audiences.
  • Micro-learning Modules – to increase educational opportunities, at any time and in any place, the project will also develop video tutorials and podcasts that can be viewed on smartphones.
  • Role Modelling Sessions – to create opportunities for debate and exchange, the programme is enriched by sessions held by ING professionals and experts.
  • Matching Supply and Demand – to support participants enter or re-access the working world.



Prima edizione

Your stories

Patricia Carfora

Patricia Carfora 48 anni imprenditrice Catania

During the pandemic, in the long months of lockdown, Patricia is forced to close her Pilates center in Catania, Italy. She enrolled in the "Job Digital Lab" program to try, like so many others, to relocate her business online. "I wanted to enhance my digital skills to put myself back on the web, but then, just as I was attending the courses, I had an epiphany and identified a new business idea." The idea is related to her husband's business that produces oil and wine. Patrizia wants to produce cosmetics from waste, create a new line to be distributed in hotels to enhance the identity of the area. "Often to remain confined to the comfort zone ... instead I realized that it is right to always update! With the StartUp Lab I learned a lot, from how to make a business canvas to a crowdfunding campaign."

Fabio Armano

Fabio Armano 49 anni Progettista Milano

With Covid, I lost my job. I am a creative and an experienced designer. I have a degree in industrial design and have been working in the design world for over 25 years. I joined to increase my web visibility and digital skills. I learned how to introduce myself to companies, improve my profile on the web and increase my visibility to "sell" myself better. Now I hope to find a cutting-edge company. I am a team man who brings harmony to the group.

Daniela Sarnacchiaro

Daniela Sarnacchiaro 30 anni In cerca di occupazione Roma

I have been living in Italy for 7 years. A graduate of San Diego in film and media, I teach English at the University of the Third Age. I am now pursuing a master's degree in psychology at Columbia University in New York. I found the module on "effective cv" very useful, so I built my first digital resume in Italian (they are different in English!) I don't have much previous work experience, I needed tools and tips to introduce myself to the job market here in Italy. I have a pilates center that I closed during the lockdown. How to get back on the web? With the courses comes enlightenment: a business idea related to my husband's company that produces oil and wine. I want to create a new line of cosmetics from waste. A line to be distributed in hotels (there is a lot of waste), to enhance territory and raw materials.

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