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Active Policy and Resources for Integration

Politiche attive e risorse per l'integrazione

Active Policy and Resources for Integration

Active Policy and Resources for Integration

Project PARI: complementary services for migrants

Project P.A.R.I. activities continue in the provinces of Abruzzo. The project, which is coordinated by the Regione Abruzzo and dedicated to third-country nationals with regular immigration papers. Linguistic and civic education courses are provided  by the CPIAs in L'Aquila, Chieti-Pescara and Teramo, along with complementary support and advanced courses, organised by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.

Local coordinators Guido Ramini and Lisa Di Bello are responsible for planning and implementing project actions on digital citizenship and “on-life” sociability, involving the foreign citizens in the educational activities provided at Regional CPIAs. The issues addressed to date, include safe navigation, looking for employment on-line, developing an efficient CV, exploring apps and tools for translations and safe on-line purchases, and opening and managing an e-mail account.

 The activities are held in Pescara, Teramo, Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE) and Luco dei Marsi (AQ), also involving multicultural groups (men and women from Burkina Faso, Mali, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Albania, Senegal, Ukraine and Venezuela). Other groups are more homogeneous. In Luco dei Marsi, for example, the course is attended by twenty women from Morocco, the wives of farmhands on the Fucino, who do not work and take care of their families. In Teramo, the initiative has involved a group of unaccompanied minors from Tunisia.  

The participants appear to be interested and motivated. They appreciate the practical nature of project activities and their immediate utility. The use of images and graphics have helped them to efficiently overcome linguistic barriers and has contributed to create a positive climate of reciprocal trust.


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