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2030 Youth Vision

I giovani protagonisti delle politiche locali

2030 Youth Vision

2030 Youth Vision

Young Protagonists of Local Policy

Project 2030 Youth Vision, funded by the European Erasmus+ Programme, promotes the active participation of young men and women aged 16-29 in influencing local policyin the context of the SDGs and to face the most significant challenges for their future. Youth in participating cities will be trained, will participate in local labs, and enjoy and international exchange with peers, participating actively in the co-development of local policy.

The project will also involve local authorities and social agents by providing them with validated and applicable tools to effectively involve youth in the definition of local policy.

  • Municipality of Catadau, Spain (lead partner)
  • Creas Id Social, S.L., Spain
  • Municipality ofLousada, Portugal
  • Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Italy
  • Association for Developing Voluntary Work Novo Mesto, Slovenia
  • Association Des Agences De La Democratie Locale, France 

Increasing the active participation of youth, with a special focus on disadvantaged groups, in the co-development of local policy for the achievement of the SDGs. In particular:

  • Improving the ability of youth to participate actively in the development of local policy, including the development of the participation process.
  • Promoting knowledge, skills and understanding of youth on the Agenda 2030 and SDGs in terms of local policy: SDG 5 “Gender Equality”, SDG 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, SDG 10 “Reducing Inequalities” and SDG 11 “Inclusive and Sustainable Cities.”
  • Provide young operators and local agents with the tools necessary to support the inclusion of young men and women in strategic local planning processes.
  • Raising the awareness of local agents on the importance of the co-development of policy concerning the SDGs and the involvement of young men and women.
  • Young men and women, aged 16-29, and especially youth in vulnerable groups (school dropouts, low qualifications, socio-economic issues, migrant background, rural environments).
  • Youth operators involved in the co-development of local policy with young men and women will be given access to validated tools (Toolkit, video, infographics, training materials) to implement local labs in their cities.
  • Local authorities and other agents involved in training, project products, and results distribution to replicate the experience of local labs in other European cities. 

Citizens, in general

  • Collecting best practices on the involvement of youth in local strategies for  SDGs.
  • Development of youth in local labs.
  • Development of 2030 Vision Plans for youth, designed by youth and local agents based on Youth Participation Plans.
  • Development of case studies on local experiences.
  • Training of youth operators and local agents in 4 European cities on participation processes and co-development of local policy for SDGs.
  • Local labs in4 European cities for the co-development of local policy for SDGs.
  • Youth Exchange Forum on the co-development of local policy for SDGs.

The co-development methodology will be applied to all project activities to promote active participation and empowerment, critical thinking and sense of responsibility for the development of local communities, in terms of the Sustainable Development Objectives for 2030.

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