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Dreaming and Achieving

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Dreaming and Achieving

Dreaming and Achieving

Professionals from the Rome Rotary Club meet students.

Why do teenagers prefer to be followers rather than leaders? How can we strengthen the leadership capacity of new generations and enhance innovative ideas? How can we help young people become agents of change?

As part of a wide debate with local organisations, high school students in Rome will meet with professionals from the Rome North West Rotary Club to learn about the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Programme, which supports activities to strengthen team chemistry, problem solving, and communication skills.

The objective is to drive dialogue between schools and the world of work by sharing ideas and initiatives inspired by the 2030 Agenda and discover strategies to become dynamic leaders in one’s school or community.

The initiative is developed in synergy with:

  • European project 2030 Youth Vision (Erasmus+), which promotes the active participation of youth aged 16-29 in influencing local policy in the context of the SDGs and addressing the most relevant challenges for their future.
  • Smart & Heart Rome Programme, which involves local actors and stakeholders (institutions, associations, businesses, citizens) in the creation of laboratories, environments, and moments of social co-planning actively involving students, especially in the suburbs.

“The Rome North West Rotary Club wanted to create a synergy between the RYLA Programme and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale for Roman high school students in peripheral areas of the city. The aim is to refine their leadership potential and to provide them with strategies to become dynamic leaders in their own school or community, learning from the examples of peers and Rotary mentors, as well as to transform potential into action, having fun and making lasting friendships. This is a flagship project of the Rotary Club which I chair," declared the President of the Rome North West Rotary Club Gabriella Guasticchi.

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