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Grandparents Learn about Computers and Smartphones

Nonni su Internet al liceo Newton di Roma

Grandparents Learn about Computers and Smartphones

Grandparents Learn about Computers and Smartphones

Intergenerational workshops at the Rome Liceo Newton

“Thanks to a wonderful collaboration between the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, the Liceo Newton, the “Social Home of the Elderly” and the Esquilino neighbourhood, the training events held by the students continue and allow different generations to meet. 

How much curiosity and how much humanity emerged in this meeting. A big thank you for her passion to Professor Alessandra Borra, to the students at the Liceo Newton, and to all the staff of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale which continues to pursue the agreement with the Department of Social Policy for the promotion of IT skills." This what Social Policy Councilor Emiliano Monteverde wrote on his Facebook page, adding some shots that well describe the particularity of the learning environment.

Meanwhile, meetings between students and over-65s continue. The next session at the Isacco Liceo scientifico Isacco Newton, directed by Cristina Costarelli, will be held on Wednesday, March 6, from 2.30 to 5.30 pm.

For school year 2023-24, the Grandparents on the Internet Programme is linked to European project e-EngAGEd  (Intergenerational Digital Engagement), funded by the European Commission (Cerv-2022-Citizens-Civ Project n. 101081537), which aims to improve media literacy skills related to the conscious use of ICT to counter misinformation and recognize fake news. The programme also entails synergies with Smart & Heart Rome, supported by the City of Rome for its suburbs.

Here are a few interviews. The first two were recorded at the beginning of the course, the other two in February:

  • Gabriella De Petris, Esquilino Elderly Centre, member
  • Costantino, 18 anni, Liceo Newton, student
  • Silvia Cairoli, Esquilino Elderly Centre, member
  • Cornell, Liceo Newton, student


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