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Escape Room on Water

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Escape Room on Water

Escape Room on Water

Mind the gap: teacher training.

Mind the Gap training activities dedicated to teachers began today, with an original schedule open to all the schools participating in the project.

For the entire duration of the three-year project (2022-23, 2023-24, 2024-25), training sessions and short courses addressing four thematic areas will be held:

  1. New Didactic Technology - digital applications and solutions (e.g., tinkering, coding, etc.) to transform teaching.
  2. Digital Citizenship and Civic Education – keep informed and choose correct online communication and behavioural styles (e.g., online reputation, phishing, fake news, privacy and security).
  3. Innovation team: innovation at school. Complexity and new educational proposals, education for life, dimensions and practice of innovation.
  4. Coding for everyone: inclusive educational solutions that focus on the individual characteristics  of each student, with a particular focus on SEN and DSA students.

The programme organised by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale is based on two main tenets:

  1. Calendar of "community webinars": training sessions on tools and methodologies for innovative teaching and the use of new technology for teaching and learning, including curricular subjects. Curricular innovation courses conceived by the Our School Professors, teachers for teachers, will also be presented. The aim of the initiative is to make new teaching resources available for teaching in blended and online modalities, to exchange good practices, and to develop inclusive and quality schools.
  2.  Custom-tailored training: on-site mini-training courses (also online) dedicated and calibrated to the needs of individual schools. From training on the use of the equipment and devices at school, to their use in teaching, and the management of digital environments, as well as tools and methodologies of the Innovation Gym.

It begins this afternoon, at 4.30 pm, with the webinar entitled "In and out of the Water: Virtual Diving and Spatial Stays", curated by Mauro Crepaldi, teacher, author and learning designer, member of the “Our School” Community. Mauro will present his colleagues in Project Mind the Gap with an original interdisciplinary course, linked to civic education, and specific focuses of the 2030 Agenda, an interesting course to learn about habitats linked to water, the availability of water in the world, the danger of desertification and follow the path that water takes to reach our homes. The course is organised as an Escape Room and makes use of free and cross-platform apps.

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