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The Fondazione Don Gnocchi at RomeCup 2023

The Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi will be at RomeCup 2023 (May 3-5) on Thursday, May 4, at 11 am, at the Campus Biomedico University of Rome, with Project “Fully Enjoy the Internet” with presentations by President don Vincenzo Barbante, and by child neuropsychiatrist Anna Cavallini.

Interland4All, the Google game version for children with special educational needs, developed by a team of experts at the Child Neuropsychiatry Unit of the IRCCS "Don Gnocchi" in Milan and the Innovation Development Department of the Don Gnocchi Foundation, will be presented.

The new version, which is still part of Fully Enjoy the Internet, combines augmented reality scenarios, enjoyable from smartphones, with a physical kit (board, pawns and question cards). This virtual version (physical and virtual) extends the educational purposes of the game, making it accessible to different ability levels.

Furio Gramatica, Head of the Innovation Development Department, explains the convergence between the institution's mission and the challenge hosted at RomeCup.


What are the points of excellence of the Fondazione Don Gnocchi?

The Fondazione Don Gnocchi is a leading Italian organisation in the health-rehabilitation and social-health fields. It is present in nine regions, with a network of over fifty structures including residential centres and territorial clinics, with 3,700 beds and 6,000 operators. Among the main aspects of its commitment, the foundation pursues intense scientific research and technological innovation activity, in particular through its Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare (IRCCS) in Milan and Florence.

Why is the Fondazione Don Gnocchi participating in RomeCup 2023?

We decided to participate in RomeCup 2023 because we view it as an important opportunity to enhance our work in the field of technological innovation. The Fondazione Don Gnocchi has always dedicated its clinical, scientific, and innovative commitment in favour of the most fragile people, including children, with the aim of "enabling" them to live through the most advanced technologies. It is a multifaceted action, which extends from the analysis of clinical needs to the development of support, diagnosis and treatment tools, and to experimentation and evaluation of economic and social sustainability, also via collaboration with the world of research and business.

What will you present at RomeCup 2023?

Our contribution, on Thursday, May 4, at 11:00 am, will be part of Project “Fully Enjoy the Internet,” the programme dedicated to teachers, students and parents by Google to allow them to experience the web responsibly, enriched by innovative and experiential formats from the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. Fondazione Don Gnocchi President Don Vincenzo Barbante and the Head of Child Neuropsychiatry at IRCCS "S. Maria Nascente,” Dr. Anna Cavallini, will participate on behalf of the Fondazione Don Gnocchi. This year, the project also addresses the value of diversity and the challenge of integration, also thanks to our collaboration. Together, we have developed the "Interland4All" game, a version "for everyone," which is adaptable to fragile children and is inspired by the "Interland" on-line video game. The game helps children to learn fundamental lessons about safety and well-being on the web through a journey in four different realms of experience. On May 3-4, a demo stand will showcase a prototype of the "physical-virtual" game (or "phyrtual," i.e., with game board, plus smartphone and game installed for viewing in augmented reality), which participants will be able to test under the supervision of experts. On the morning of May 4, the event "On-line Wellbeing of the Most Fragile" will host - after a brief presentation - a laboratory phase during which the prototype will be tested by children and elementary school teachers contacted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, under the expert guidance of the child neuropsychiatrists of the Don Gnocchi Foundation.

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