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Who we are and what we do in three minutes

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Our challenges

We intervene in emergencies with innovative and systemic solutions in strategic areas for the country's development: educational poverty, youth unemployment, adult literacy, active aging, migrant inclusion, etc.

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The numbers that matter

150k People reached by our services

50+ Active projects in Italy and in the world

200+ Partners between institutions, corporations and companies


Interactive labs and digital environments provide engaging and transformative learning experiences. To become agents of change. For all ages.

Le radici auree


Even artists make themselves available to schools to create original works shared with students. And, involved in social innovation projects, they discover themselves change makers or artivists.

Over 60

We train the over-60s with the generational exchange formula: school students, teach pc, web and technology to the elderly with the help of experienced teachers. A real welfare school.

Your stories

Samuele Sciacca

Samuele Sciacca 23 years Trainer Messina

A native of Messina, Samuele Sciacca, 23, has always proudly "claimed" his modest origins and revealed failures (in 2017 dishwasher in London) with sympathetic irony and infectious optimism. With tenacity he managed to turn his great passion for video games into a job. With us he has become a trainer, able to tell in a fascinating way about artificial intelligence to younger children and technology to older ones. "Samuele's Tips," ten short videos made for Cna Pensioners, help seniors navigate the web and make the best use of their cell phones. Meanwhile, Samuele has become an advergame developer, made the first big games and even a "truth game" for Google. On his Linkedin profile he recounts 2020 as an extraordinary year: he has created more than 40 games!