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Vagone FMD. Da 01 a 100 nel Metaverso

Cecilia Stajano sperimenta il metaverso

Vagone FMD. Da 01 a 100 nel Metaverso

Vagone FMD. Da 01 a 100 nel Metaverso

Fashion, art, games, sports, services--what is the impact of the Metaverse in personal experience? What is changing in professions and ways of working? What new scenarios are opening up, from personalized training to museum enjoyment?

We are exploring a new technological frontier without adequate skills and with a rather fragile digital culture, unaccustomed to grasping the different implications and applications. Suffice it to say that even today more than half of Italian citizens do not even have basic digital skills. And we also have a lower percentage of digital specialists than the European Union average (Desi 2022). Meanwhile, however, interest in the metaverse is growing fast. The latest report curated by Global Investment Bank and Financial Services (Citi) estimates a market value of between $8 and $13 trillion by 2030, involving a wide range of fields, from entertainment to healthcare, education to public services.

What to do. How can we turn the metaverse into a tool for inclusion?


We have devised a program of engaging activities to give policy makers and stakeholders a chance to explore firsthand how the metaverse works and to check out its possible applications in multiple domains, especially public utilities.

Short interactive sessions take people through a comprehensive experience that can be replicated multiple times to delve into new tools and scenarios.


    Accompany digital transformation with experiential training

    Mature an appropriate digital culture and the ability to make complex decisions in new scenarios

    Help small and medium-sized enterprises explore new opportunities for growth

    Animate a permanent space for experimentation and discussion.


With the "Meta Experience" format, we offer experiential training in different modes and areas to explore multiple scenarios.

Thematic sessions in the "meta classroom"

These are dedicated to policy makers, institutional stakeholders, local authorities, SMEs. Three meetings per month in-person for 15 people, with the guidance of an experienced trainer and a classroom tutor.

Sample sessions and possible audience:

  • Metaverse for cultural activities. We talk about media art and museums with PA officials and managers, experts, museum directors, managers of cultural and creative enterprises
  • Metaverse for the economic growth of people and the country. Comparing technicians, decision makers, experts from trade associations, impenditories, etc.
  • Metaverse for personalized training and learning. In dialogue scholars, experts, Miur officials, school leaders, etc.).

Sessions of discussion and dialogue with experts from different fields (legal, technological, psychological, educational, etc.) to investigate all the implications of the metaverse, from psychological to security and privacy. The session is facilitated by a moderator in the form of a debate in the metaverse.


Policy makers, stakeholders and community holders, other institutional, cultural, business, citizens and organizations.


Binario F, via Marsala 29 H, Rome

  • 12 Meta Experience meetings (three per month)
  • 200 people involved (SMEs and PA)

October 2022 to February 2023


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