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Ambizione Italia per il lavoro

Competenze digitali per il lavoro

Ambizione Italia per il lavoro

Ambizione Italia per il lavoro

New actions with Microsoft to reduce mismatch and train skilled workers

After the success of the Ambizione Italia per la scuola and Ambizione Italia per i giovani programs, Microsoft Italia and Fondazione Mondo Digitale renew their commitment to support active employment policies through qualified training actions with certification and training and career guidance activities for the most fragile workers.


Demand for technology to support people, businesses and institutions is growing, but the digital skills gap is also increasing. Economic recovery and digital transformation are proceeding at uneven speeds in different parts of the country, held back by low skill levels among citizens and mismatch, the misalignment of skills with labor market demands. According to the Future Skills Architect (FSA), a tool developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to analyze a country's "maturity" index (FSA Maturity Index) based on the skills required by the labor market, Italy ranks 34th, with nearly 10 million "mismatched" workers. Microsoft recently conducted research to define the value of the digital ecosystem in Italy: 2.1 million workers with digital skills will be needed by 2026.


The goal of the project is precisely to provide the right skills for the job by increasing opportunities for access to digital skills, which are needed to fill high-skilled jobs that are still vacant and to retrain adult workers. At the same time, the project addresses crucial challenges for the country, from digitization to support for re-employment and active policies for unemployed youth. It starts by consolidating strategies that have worked to build long-term impact as well, because digital skills have become the multiplier of change and development.

  • Strengthen national efforts to improve the digital skills of youth, disadvantaged communities, and businesses
  •  Create a structured training program with specific focus on Microsoft certifications and LinkedIn Learning
  •  Develop and strengthen the infrastructure of regional hubs, especially in the South, to spread opportunities for Steam professions
  •  Expand partnerships with MS academies and universities to guide the brightest students to high-profile jobs. Create new synergies to enhance skilled training.
  •  Create opportunities for Steam career matching and orientation with role models chosen from Microsoft staff with the goal of raising awareness among young people
  •  Consolidate partnerships and create new alliances with the local area, local authorities, employment centers, private companies, trade associations, etc.


  • 4,500 young people, in hybrid mode, on technical skills for employment (big data, AI, cloud), with special attention to young women
  • 250 workers from small and medium enterprises, with modules dedicated to the most widely used Microsoft applications
  • 250 civil servants from employment centers to learn more about digital tools for job search, career guidance, data and cloud, etc.
  • 3,000 citizens in fragile condition reached through hybrid technology awareness initiatives
  • 20,000 citizens reached through multiplier effect: social media, events, communication campaign, newsletter

October 2022 to October 2023.

Periodic data on the advanced of the project are posted on Benevity, a leading international platform for integrated management of "Goodness Programs" (Corporate Social Responsibility) of major multinational companies.


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