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Why Young Women Do Not Study Computer Science

La ricerca di Google Breaking Barriers

Why Young Women Do Not Study Computer Science

Why Young Women Do Not Study Computer Science

A new report by Google identifies six “barriers.”

For International Women in Engineering Day (June 23), Google has presented the new Breaking Barriers Report, based on research conducted in the United States, to understand which barriers block women in Europe from choosing computer science as a course of study. The objective of the research, which identified six barriers, is to raise awareness and inspire the entire educational ecosystem: from teachers, parents, and assistants to the leaders of non-profits, academics, politicians and anyone else who plays a key role in this sector.

The research project, conducted in collaboration with Canvas8, an agency specialised in cultural reports addresses Europe, in general, but also includes specific data for seven countries. The report includes information collected through interviews and surveys with over 3000 students and education sector leaders, including teachers and academic experts.

In reference to the fifth barrier, lack of parental involvement, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale is mentioned as one of the partners organising initiatives to promote strategic computer skills for the future of children.

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