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The Impact of Extended Reality

lo staff FMD sperimenta il metaverso

The Impact of Extended Reality

The Impact of Extended Reality

Massimo Canducci at Binario F for the first meeting on the Metaverse

Extended reality, an exponential technology that is having a strong and rapid impact on our lives, includes any type of interaction between mankind and the use of technology. In the book entitled Augmented Lives (Franco Angeli, 2021), Massimo Canducci, Chief Innovation Officer of the Engineering Group, clearly describes virtual, augmented and mixed reality, in relation to different devices and areas of application (shopping, tourism, work, education, etc.), briefly analysing possible risks. 

“We are facing an epochal revolution that will introduce new behavioural models that today seem strange to us … It will be absolutely necessary to make sure that these interaction models do not translate into behavioural issues and the applications on these devices  are not studied to create dependence, but to provide useful services.”

Throughout the volume dedicated to “technologies and the future” (from blockchain to wearables), Massimo Canducci helps us understand that innovation is not important per se, but rather in terms of its “impact or the quantity of improvement that innovation will generate in the world.” Another fundamental aspect is the “democratization of technological solutions,” or a widespread impact accessible to everyone.

And this is what inspired us in the organisation of a series of meetings to explore the metaverse, to allow policy makers and stakeholders to experiment with the technology and evaluate possible public service applications.

During the first meeting, which will be held on October 19, Massimo Canducci will illustrate the various possible interactions with the metaverse and extended reality in terms of cultural activities.

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