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From StartApp to Hackathon


From StartApp to Hackathon

From StartApp to Hackathon

Global Money Week: oggi la sfida “Io conto” a Castellanza e Rome

The eleventh edition of Global Money Week, dedicated to the financial education of young people, is currently underway (March 20-26). Over 175 countries from around the world are participating. In Italy, public and private institutions, associations, universities, schools and research bodies are involving young men and women in almost 300 initiatives on the issue of the 2023 edition: “Manage your money, Sow your future,” a message that underlines the strong link between managing finances and a personal future with a view to sustainable development, attentive to the environment and society.


With ING Italia we have developed Io Conto – Digital and Financial Awareness Meet, a double hackathon for students aged 16-19 in Castallanza (Varese) and in Rome. The goal is to exploit the potential of technology and digital tools for better management and financial planning of resources. After a training course in Steam and programming, students will select a project and learn to manage the personal assets necessary to carry it out. All by programming a dedicated app.

To prepare for the hackathon, the students participated in the "StartApp. Ideational Thinking: Lab with Marvel” orgnanised by the di Fondazione Mondo Digitale. Marvel is an intuitive drag-and-drop online prototyping software that allows even those without a technical background to create demo apps.

Here are the schools participating in the challenge


  • Istituto di istruzione superiore I.T.C Di Vittorio - I.T.I. Lattanzio, Rome
  • Istituto di istruzione superiore Statale Croce – Aleramo, Rome
  • Istituto di istruzione superiore Leonardo Da Vinci, Rome
  • Liceo scientifico I. Newton, Rome
  • Liceo scientifico statale G. Peano, Monterotondo, Rome
  • Istituto tecnico tecnologico statale A. Volta, Tivoli, Rome 


  • Scuola superiore E. Fermi, Castellanza, Varese
  • Istituto di istruzione superiore Falcone-Righi, Corsico, Milan
  • Istituto tecnico economico E. Tosi, Busto Arsizio, Milan
  • Liceo e istituto tecnico Primo Levi, Bolllate, Milan (TBC)


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