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A Tool for Employment

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A Tool for Employment

A Tool for Employment

Interview with Chiara Galati, LinkedIn Coach

“I am from Rome but have lived in Milan for many years. I have two children and I define myself as a "busy" mother who loves to travel. I started working at LinkedIn about two years ago and, although I am not a professional coach, my professional path has given me the opportunity to manage teams and develop valuable skills in listening and helping others. Skills that I decided to put into play with Project Skills for Recovery promoted with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.”

Onelia Onorati interviewed Chiara Galati, Large Enterprise Account Director and HR & Learning at LinkedIn, to find out more about her experience as a coach in Project Skills for Recovery. With an established career in sales and a passion for helping and supporting people, Chiara brings a unique perspective to the project. Here's what she told us about her experience and the value of LinkedIn in the world of work.

Why did you choose to participate as a coach in this particular project?

LinkedIn's mission and vision of creating opportunity resonates deeply with me, and I see the programme as a tangible embodiment of this ideal. For me, it's not just about words, but about providing an extra tool for job seekers.

What surprised you the most during the programme?

By participating in the coaching sessions, I was able to witness the positive energy of the participants who were eager to start again. I fondly remember meeting with a person who was ready to start again, but who needed encouragement to unlock their energy. Thanks to a simple chat, this person managed to find a job and our bond has remained strong over time.

What tips or lessons have you learned from your coaching experience that you would like to share with other professionals interested in pursuing a similar role? 

I don't believe you need to be a professional coach to offer support to others. Sharing your personal experience can be extremely helpful in guiding others towards your same path. My advice is to overcome shyness and get involved, transmitting enthusiasm and positivity along the way.

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