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The Security Challenge Drives Connection

 Job Talk con Women for security

The Security Challenge Drives Connection

The Security Challenge Drives Connection

Over 800 individuals connected to the job talk on cyber careers

It wasn’t a webinar, but a real job talk in which participants could interact and pose questions, notwithstanding the large audience. On Friday, October 20, over 800 participants connected on-line to the Microsoft Teams Platform to attends the “Working in Cybersecurity: False Myths; Careers and Opportunities” developed in collaboration with professionals from the Women For Security Community as part of Project Ambizione Italia for Cybersecurity in hte context of the European month of Cybersecurity [see news: Job Talk with Women for Security].

“The greatest challenge was involving schools on these issues that are crucial not only to future professions, but also to develop a true digital culture in our country,” proudly explains Claudia Belella who organized the training event. “Entire classes participated from Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Sicily, Campania, Tuscany, and Sardinia. There also were university students, professionals, and people looking for employment.”

The five experts answered the many questions and ideas raised by participants with professionality and generosity, “raising their curiosity with anecdotes and personal and professional experiences,” adds Claudia.

Asked "do women working in the cyberworld have characteristics that make them better than men in specific areas and vice versa?" Manuela Santini answered: "A peculiarity of women is certainly that they approach situations and problems through a complex, 360-degree perspective. While men tend to address obstacles in a vertical manner, aiming straight at the goal. The beauty of this profession is that both of these skills are necessary. Which is why working together, we perform so much better!"

Claudia also noted the many encouraging messages launched by Women for Security, a fun and captivating manner to log off until the next training session.  

Samanta Fumagalli: "There is always time to change direction. Follow your passions and the studies you like best. Don't be afraid to try things out. Be determined and always pursue learning!"

Manuela Santini: "Give yourself goals, even if they are small. And as you achieve them, give yourself new ones. Follow your instincts and every now and then put a bit of healthy madness into your choices."

Caterina Nieddu: "Don't be afraid to take risks and turn your passion into a job. Doors will surely open for you. And don't be discouraged if the course of study you've undertaken seems distant from your potential new job."

Btissam Laaouina: "When work meets passion you get the best results. Stay true to yourself and your passions. It will help you overcome any obstacle you may encounter on your journey."

Silvia Lombardi: "Will is power. Try things out without fear because even the most difficult things can be overcome with willpower. The technical profiles in this sector are highly sought after. So, if you are interested, give it a try. This historical moment in the digital field offers many more possibilities than just a few years ago."

And in view of the many requests, the recording of the job talk has been uploaded to our  YouTube Channel and on the Academy.

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