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“Our School” Challenges


“Our School” Challenges

“Our School” Challenges

Milan: a lab dedicated to inclusive, innovative and digital didactic activities.

Three days of meetings, debates and training to put the energy of the school into circulation. The appointment with Sfide – Everyone’s School is back on March 24 -26 for its sixth edition [see the programme]. Meetings, workshops and peer spaces to work with words, reading and languages, ideas and tools to enhance diversity in the classroom and feel good at home and at school, ideas for recreating teaching and cultivating citizenship and freedom at school. The event will take place in Milan, in the spaces of Fa’ la cosa giusta!, the national fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles.

As part of the event, "Our School" teachers will host a  laboratory on inclusive, innovative, and digital didactic activities. The appointment is on March 26, from 9.30 to 11.00.

Participants will be involved in an active experimentation simulating the experience of the community of "Our School" teachers: a facilitating context for experimenting good practices of incremental innovation for inclusive didactic activities with digital technology. Starting from the “Venuti da lontano” course, published in Integrated and Sustainable Digital Citizenship Labs (Erickson, 2022), the lab will address digital citizenship, from an interdisciplinary and vertical perspective.



Integrated and Sustainable Digital Citizenship Labs

Proposals for Curricular and Digital Learning Units for First-degree Secondary Schools

ISBN: 9788859029144 

Date of publication: 09/2022

Number of pages: 152 

Format: 21x29.7cm 

05 / Venuti da lontano / Kim Commisso, Francesco Baroni, Claudia De Crescenzo e Chiara Ivana Cuccorese


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