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Kicking Away Decline

Io ci sono ad Arghillà

Kicking Away Decline

Kicking Away Decline

Calabria TGR News on "I’m with You" in Arghillà

"Sports creates opportunities for youth to meet refugees participating in integration projects. In Arghillà, in the suburbs of Reggio Calabria, the word “future” is hard to imagine for those born in the projects, a ghetto neighbourhood with garbage dumps on the sides of the road.”

"Ad Arghillà un calcio al degrado" (Kicking Away Decline) is the title of the RAI regional news service report broadcast on June 26. The TGR Calabria news team followed the “I’m with You” solidarity football match organized for World Refugee Day [see news: The Hospitality Challenge].

The report includes interviews with:

  • Paolo Cicciu, CSI Coordinator, Reggio Calabria
  • Hana Dourussi, political refugee
  • Giulia Melissari, local coordinator for the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Reggio Calabria

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