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Job Digital Lab Video Courses

Job Digital Lab

Job Digital Lab Video Courses

Job Digital Lab Video Courses

Three courses to develop digital skills for work, enterprise and citizenship.

Job Digital Lab adds 17 free video courses for professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and citizens seeking employment or new professional opportunities to its catalogue. The courses, which are available on FMD Academy, are organised into three programmes: 

The video courses are accompanied by other educational tools, such as web apps and training sessions. One new course is published every week, starting on May 19, 2023.




This self-administered course, which aims to improve the process through which ideas are developed and tested, was developed on the basis of the EntreComp model that considers enterprise a key soft skills for all areas of life. The reference educational area is based on the principal of digital skills for enterprise to transform ideas and opportunities into concrete actions through content creation and marketing, e-commerce, and cybersecurity (EntreComp, Area 3 “In Action”). The Personal Ecosystem Canvas (web app) self-analysis tool allows users to identify their areas of strength and those that require improvement (EntreComp, Area 2.1 “Self-awareness and Efficiency”). Design thinking helps to identify steps and to review business strategies to develop a vision to transform ideas into action (EntreComp, Area 1.3 “Vision”).

Target: entrepreneurs, SMEs, professionals, and trade associations

Duration: 5 hours

Structure: 4 video courses (self-administered) and a web app

Platform: FMD Academy

Coaches: Nicoletta VulpettiDaniela Brunno, Valentina Bova, Simone Guarino

  1. Everything you wanted to know about content creation and copywriting, but never dared to ask: how to narrate a brand, product, or service. The skills, the steps, and the organization of content. Available: May 19
  2. Introduction to E-commerce: Developing a marketing plan to intercept your reference audience and sell products and/or services via web. Available: June 1
  3. Design Thinking:  Theoretical and methodological introduction to design technique, analysing processes and case studies. Available: June 9
  4. Cybersecurity: as SMEs are increasingly exposed to cyberattacks, digital security is essential to protect business, guarantee data privacy and prevent hacker intrusion. Available: June 16



The course is conceived for individuals searching for employment or in professional transition. The course is based on the LifeComp framework, and personal, social, and learning-to-learn skills.  

Target: working-age individuals

Duration: 3 hours

Structure: 3 video courses (self-administered)

Platform: FMD Academy

Coaches: Roberta MorettiValentina Guerrera

  1. Analysis of Your Professional Profile: understanding of your knowledge, skills and abilities as the first step for professional insertion and requalification. Available: June 23
  2.  Work: Seek or Propose?: looking for work should not be limited to available posts. The module examines spontaneous candidatures, tools, and potential impact. Available: June 30
  3. Looking for Work On-line: everything you need to know about searching for a job, social networking, social recruiting, and web reputation. Available: July 7



A 10-module set for the four areas of DigComp 2.2: Information and Data Privacy, Communication and Collaboration, Creation of Digital Content, Security. 

Target: citizens seeking to develop or upgrade their digital skills

Duration: 8 hours

Structure: 4 modules (self-administered)

Platform: FMD Academy

Coaches: Lara ForgioneSusanna Bulgheroni, Gerardo Gervasio, Simone Guarino

  1. Area of Competence 1. Information and Data Literacy

Browsing on-line: search and filtering data, information and digital content; Evaluating on-line content: evaluating and interpreting data, information, and digital content critically. Available: July 14

  1.  Area of Competence 2. Communication and Collaboration

Digital Services for Citizens: SPID, home banking, IO App; Digital Rights and Principles: copyright, netiquette, creative commons; Web reputation: Development, maintenance and avoiding errors on-line. Available: July 21

  1. Area of Competence 3. Creation of Digital Content

Digital Storytelling: creation of digital content for basic storytelling; Instagram Stories: secretes of emotional and efficient storytelling. Available: July 28

  1. Area of Competence 4. Security

Security and Privacy:  personal data, GDPR, cookies, data breaches, cybercrime;

Cybersecurity: malware, social engineering, case studies, phishing, data breaches; Phishing: digital literacy, fake news, phishing, OTP and passwords. Available: July 28

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