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Job Digital Lab in Potenza

Job Digital Lab a Potenza

Job Digital Lab in Potenza

Job Digital Lab in Potenza

Digital content creators and multimedia: conquering new audiences!

No further delay is possible. In order to exploit the opportunities presented by digital transformation, Italy must increase its level of digitalisation through the digital growth of SMEs, which represent the backbone of the Italian economy. And it’s not just the usual mantra. It’s what emerges from the Studio Meta-Ambrosetti’s Report on “The Contribution of Social Networks and Digital Channels to the Growth and Digitalisation of Italian SMEs,” published at the end of June.

It also however answers the imperative launched by Project Job Digital Lab, the educational programme developed with ING Italia to develop and reinforce digital skills – and that on July 12 will be in Potenza for an event on digital education organised in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata.

While the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to improving the use of collaborative digital solutions (+14,5%) and client communications (+12,7%), the digitalisation level of Italian SMEs is still very low, as is that of the country in general, according to the DESI Index.

And this notwithstanding the opportunities presented by digital innovation. The Meta-Ambrosetti study reveals a 77% increase in SMEs using social networks that could lead to as much as an additional €10.2 billion to the Italian GDP and significantly increase employment. In order to reach this objective, education is fundamental.

Programme Job Digital Digital Lab is working towards this objective. On July 12, participants will learn about which platform to choose for their activity and audience; Telegram- the new frontier of rapid communication; Creating a podcast; tools for developing digital content and SEO strategy.

In addition to the theoretical part of the course conducted by FMD Coaches, practical local cases and success stories will also be presented as a source of inspiration for participants’ own professional objectives.

The event, which is held in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata is organised by the second edition of the programme which, with over 60 educational sessions and 90 hours of on-line training, reached 5000 people throughout Italy, in 2021. And with this year’s introduction of local tours, the objectives have become even more ambitious: blending local networks with social networks to reach the greatest audience possible, especially amongst the most fragile categories, such as women, who lost their jobs during the pandemic, NEETs, over-50s, and more in general, anyone who is looking to reinforce their digital skills to professional ends.

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