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Didactic Lab on digital citizenship in the Interland Room

For the second time in the week, primary school children, are at the Innovation Gym on Via del Quadraro. The protagonists of the gaming sessions in the Interland Room are from two third-year classes at the Gigi Proietti Comprehensive Institute in Rome, directed by Paolo D'Anna. One class is from the Salvo D'Acquisto complex and the other from the Aldo Fabrizi complex. Teacher Laura Moretti will accompany the students.

Coach Enrico Bersani will introduce the students to the four fantastic realms of the Interland Game, which has been transposed into a physical space with similar graphics to the digital version at the Innovation Gym. The children will engage in both digital and analogue educational activities to learn fundamental lessons about on-line safety.

There is a screen with voice support that explains the activities to be accomplished for each kingdom: a questions and riddles section and a manual game, e.g. the construction tower for the “Treasure Tower” kingdom and Leonardo Da Vinci's bridge for the “River of Reality” kingdom.

The children will be welcomed by Project Officer Marta Pietrelli, Fully Enjoy the Internet Coordinator. 

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