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Creative Contest Winners

Creative Contest Winners

RomeCup 2023: Awards presented for MareBot, AgroBot, and CoBot

For the 16th edition of RomeCup, FMD invited Italian universities to participate in creative contests on robotic technologies applied to agriculture, rehabilitation, assistance, transport and the marine environment. The contests are open to university students participating in PCTO courses (formerly school-work programme), either individually or in teams.

Winners 2023 edition


Aurora Project

Team: Adriano Testa and Andrea Caltabiano

Archimede School, Catania in collaboration with the University of Catania



    Project Aratrum Rover

    Team: Giulia Ardelean, Christian Aurini, Lorenzo Cannavò, Federico Cassese, Robert Costin, Alfonso Maria Giorgini, Tommaso Mazzuca, Lorenzo Pasini e Alessio Spitoni

    Liceo Amaldi, Rome in collaboration with the University of Rome - Roma Tor Vergata



      Exoskeleton for Upper Limbs

      Team: Riccardo Accatino, Samuele Crescenzio, Sara Monetta, Alessio Provvidenza 

      Avogadro School, Vercelli in collaboration with the University of Piemonte Orientale


        Final Phase Participants

        • 1 team  - IISS Canudo-Galilei, Gioia del Colle (Bari), Cobot Category, with University of Bari
        • 1 team  - IT Archimede, Catania, Marebot Category, with University of Catania
        • 2 team  - ITC Arangio Ruiz, Rome, BCI and Nonnibot, working independently. 
        • 2 team  - ITI Galileo Ferraris, Naples, with Federico II University of Naples 
        • 1 team  - IIS Avogadro, Vercelli, Cobot Category, with University of Piemonte Orientale
        • 1 team  - ITIS G. Armellini, Rome, Cobot Category, with University of Roma Tre
        • 1 team  -  ITIS G. Vallauri,  Velletri, Cobot Category with Rome Campus Bio Medico University
        • 1 team  - IIS Ferrari-Hertz, Roma, Marebot Agrobot, with University of Roma Tor Vergata
        • 1 team  - IIS Pacinotti-Archimede, Rome, Cobot Category
        • 1 team - liceo Amaldi, Rome, Marebot and Agrobot, with University of Roma Tor Vergata

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