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Connected with the Rome Di Vittorio-LattanzioSchool

Di Vittorio-Lattanzio di Roma

Connected with the Rome Di Vittorio-LattanzioSchool

Connected with the Rome Di Vittorio-LattanzioSchool

A closer look at the educational activities of Ambizione Italia for Schools

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 24, reporters from Buongiorno Regione, the RAI Lazio Regional News Programme, were live from the Di Vittorio-Lattanzio School in Via Teano. This is a school with various campuses that are attended by over 1200 students. The school is headed by Annalisa Laudando [see profile: La scuola in chiaro].

How are school courses organised? “The main issue is the socio-economic inhomogeneity of students who come not only from nearby relatively rich neighbourhoods, but also from areas such as those around the Via Casilina,” reads the school curriculum (Piano triennaledell’Offertaformativa). “This area is characterized by single-income families and higher unemployment rates, especially for women and non-Italians. The cultural level of families with a medium to low schooling is less homogeneous and this limits student resources at home.”

To guarantee the same opportunities to all students and enrich the curriculum, the school has various collaborations, like the one with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Programme Ambizione Italia promoted with Microsoft, which is part of the PCO for 2022-25.

In this short video, Cecilia Stajano explains how the FMD educational ecosystem works with schools. OneliaOnorati interviewed the school administrator and some professors on how the courses are integrated into the school curriculum.


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