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Business Models in the Metaverse

Vagone FMD nel Metaverso

Business Models in the Metaverse

Business Models in the Metaverse

Appointment with Confcommercio, Fedeservizi, and SMEs at Binario F

On Friday, November 3, Binario F hosted a session of Vagone FMD. From 01 to 100 in the Metaverse on the  Metaverse for Economic Development and SMEs. The event is organized in collaboration with Engineering, MetaConfcommercio Roma, and Federservizi. We reflected on the opportunities that immersive reality opens up in key economic sectors, ranging from trade to tourism and services. The small and medium-sized business supply chain will benefit from the advantages that new technology offers to open up to the outside world, particularly as a channel for reaching out to new customers. Here are the opinions of the participants.

Elisa Amorelli, Communications, Social Marketing, and Institutional Relations, Fondazione Mondo Digitale

In the meetings at Binario F, we address the the opportunities provided by the Metaverse. Today, we have an audience of SMEs, thanks to the collaboration of Confcommercio Roma and FederServizi. We will try to understand what opportunities are presented by immersive reality in a purely experiential context. This technology does not aim to replace, but rather to supplement what businessed do every day.

Matteo Franza, Project Lead, Binario F

Binario F is a Meta environment dedicated to digital skills. It is a space for the dissemination of digital skills, a place for dialogue and innovation. Today, it will host a debate.

Romolo Guasco, Director, Confcommercio Roma

I'm here to listen and understand. We represent services, tourism, catering, neighborhood shop associations. We are interested in innovation because the Metaverse seems to change the consumer experience, the experience of those who approach any type of offer. So, could it be useful to our economy? Today, we face the great standardization of the commercial enterprise. What can this new experience offer to small business owners?

Gianluca Polegri, Director, Digital Channels Management Engineering

In general, technological transformations go through a cycle of introduction and adjustment, before becoming endemic in our daily lives. The enabling technologies provide by the Metaverse are the same ones that we have known for years, but they are used differently, making them converge. This technology must not only reproduce reality, but enrich it, making it more accessible. When we talk about the Metaverse we are referring to a shared, interoperable, virtual, and persistent experience (i.e., the environment has a history and maintains it). The areas in which companies are currently interested include gaming, media, retail and commerce, health, education, co-design, and the industrial world.

Giulia Mastrorosato, Sales Manager, TechStar

We concretely lead you into the Metaverse with a platform created by TechStar to show present a series of best practices that we have developed for various companies, for example for the Prosciutto San Daniele brand, which we talked about here at Binario F. Businesses can have a 24-hour virtual space with a virtual assistant to answer all questions about the company. The space includes a reception area, a showroom, and a conference room, where interactive webinars and other presentations can be held. The peculiarity is to present a brand, to advertise it even to younger people using innovative technology that talks about the product itself. Small businesses can use the Metaverse to present themselves, even with a small budget.

Gaetano Grasso, CEO, Beryllium

We are a communications and marketing company. We help companies understand how technology can be useful to their daily activities. Innovation is either governed or suffered. One needs to be able to experiment in order to reach a competitive advantage. We need not only tools, but also culture to be able to innovate. One begins with an analysis of the target and the interest in a service offered with this technology. Then, one must develop an analysis of the product to understand what type of experience can be built around the product and what technologies can be used. Then, one must understand how this new approach can change a business model and how to do it. Finally, one must set up a strategy to best position the company, its product or service, and design it.




Antonio Autiero, Professional Coach and Real Estate Agent

Very innovative technology. Three is a lot of room for improved performance and the aspects addressed can be endless.

Mario Arcidiacono, Architect and Founder of Strategic Consulting Engineering Company

The most important issue will be finding the funds and resources that can help companies develop innovation and business to enjoy the results.

Cristiano Avolio, Confcommercio Litoranea Nord Directive Council

In Civitavecchia, we are working on a project entitled Civitaverso to digitalise our city.

Davide Cecca, Innovation Officer

It is important to keep up to date to understand what kind of help technology, in general, can provide to businesses. It is important to identify the Metaverse business model and its real applications.

Ilaria Milana, President, Association Roman Booksellers

I believe it is very powerful, but technological development also has social and ecological costs. So, it is important to understand how this technology can provide added value to citizens and SMEs.

Filippo Aparo, Innovation Manager, Confcommercio Roma

These meetings help us expand our vision and provide opportunities for training and information. We will continue to develop them in the coming years to give a new vision to our SMEs.

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