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Business Ideas in Scampia

Ho avuto un'idea! a Napoli

Business Ideas in Scampia

Business Ideas in Scampia

I Had an Idea! The projects developed by students at the Vittorio Veneto School.

A project to explain in greater detail and seven business ideas to summarize. This was the choice of the Vittorio Veneto Hospitality Institute in Naples, directed by Olimpia Pasolini, at the Good Practices to Plan the Future event that was held in Palermo to also present the results achieved by Project I Had an Idea!, promoted with Room to Read (US NGO active in the empowerment of girls and young women) with the Fondazione Mondo DigitaleFEdUF, and L’Altra Napoli

What physical activity is ideal? Can I exercise if I have a health problem? Annabella, Francesca, Giuseppe, Chiara, Fabiana, Gennaro, and Jennifer, students in Class 4A presented Project Sport 4U, developed around an intuitive and easy-to-use app. Users input their data and obtain a custom-tailored nutiritional and exercise plan. Moreover, the app also allows users to consult specialists, such as nutritionists and psychologists. The objective is to help the young and timid to socialize through sports. Identified users, including Gen Z, Millenials, and individuals suffering from obesity and diabetes, will be able to enjoy custom-tailored packages and solutions. The project is complete and developed on the Canvas Business Model.

The other seven projecs were summarized and presented by L’Altra Napoli

  1. P.E. GEMINI

The proposal of Team Break the System is to twin their school and the city's agricultural institute to obtain zero-km products for cooking workshops and school activities. The next step is to create an application providing consumers with videos and recipes of typical Neapolitan desserts, along with the related nutritional values and ingredients.


The idea of Team Road to Glory is to create a photo app to scan QR codes installed on city monuments to provide the history of the monument in various languages and dialects.


The project proposal concerns the creation of an app to help and support children who are victims of abuse and violence, both physical and psychological, as well as suffering from eating disorders and addictions.


The idea was born to allow tourists and Neapolitans to learn about the history of some of the most important desserts in the city of Naples. Customers are invited to taste the products that have made Naples famous throughout the world. The discovery of new desserts is encouraged with a brochure on their history and a free coupon for a further dessert. For those who are interested in enriching the visit, other tasting and explanation points are indicated, including a visit to an artisan laboratory.


The project involves peers in social network Instagram, and then organizes a physical place in which to meet.

  1. JAM BAR

Waiter Family's proposal is to create a place where you can relax and cultivate your artistic dreams by performing theatrical and musical performances.


Waiter Service's proposal is to create a thematic restaurant located on the seafront of via Caracciolo in the city of Naples. The theme is the "world" to allow those who for various reasons cannot go abroad to be able to taste the typical dishes of famous places around the world and feel as if they were travelling. The menus offered will allow diners not only to choose the city to "visit," but also to view a film on to its history and its particularities in order to make the experience complete.

All student activities are supervised by the school community, from Deputy Principal Daria Maltese to Professors Maria ArbolinoRita CapuanoLuigi Montanino, and Antima Santagata. The local coordinator is Fabiana Muggione, while the project Manager is Mila Spicola

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