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An App for Female Employment

4 Weeks 4 Inclusion

An App for Female Employment

An App for Female Employment

4W4I: Presentation of Women Plus

TIM, in collaboration with Women at Business and a strong alliance, has launched a new initiative to provide support to women: Women Plus is an app that helps women seeking employment.

Inspired by the experience of
Mulheres Positivas, a project that the group promoted in Brazil with entrepreneur Fabi Saad, in Italy, the objective is to allow women to enjoy a single platform with all the available job posts, thanks to tools matching competences and available jobs, as well as mentoring, training, and inspirational talks.

The app, which was developed by in collaboration with various partners, was presented yesterday at 4 Weeks 4 Inclusion, the inclusion marathon conceived and promoted by TIM. Cinzia Diana also participated (ca. 47 minutes in) explaining the contribution of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale to the app content, including various training proposals (from digital skills to soft skills for self-enterprise).

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

If you missed the event, here’s the video of Women Plus: The Future in Our Apps (Rome, Oct. 25, 12-13). 


Here is the word cloud with the phrases chosen by participants. According to Cinzia Diana, “Learning and working are tools of freedom for women.”

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