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Schools at the World Championships

RomeCup 2023

Schools at the World Championships

Schools at the World Championships

The experience of the Cobianchi School from Verbania at RoboCup in Bordeaux

"Hi Fiammetta, all’s well here at RoboCup. Great news, thanks so much. I also wanted to update you on the football results. We placed eighth. Following a bad start, we lost two matches in a row, we won the match against the Manetti school and managed to win 4 out of the 7 tournament matches. So, all considered, placing 8th was a good result.”

It’s the message received by Fiammetta Castagnini from Prof. Raimondo Sgrò,  coordinator of the IIS Lorenzo Cobianchi team, a few days after their return from the Robotics World Championships in Bordeaux. 

A nice result, indeed! Blogs, e-zines, and local press all agree and continue to report on the adventure of the Italian teams at the European and World Robotics Championships.

Today, we take you to Piedmont, in the Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, to learn more about the protagonists of Team IIS Lorenzo Cobianchi and the  Elettra Robotics Lab Association.

Good reading!

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