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Pharmabot Wins the HealthBot Contest

Pharmabot vince il contest HealthBot

Pharmabot Wins the HealthBot Contest

Pharmabot Wins the HealthBot Contest

The project was presented by students from two classes at the Rome De Amicis-Cattaneo School

CChiara Ricci, Marika Pusceddu, Carolina Barretta, Lorenzo Carnicchia, Ahmed Harun Yaqub, Alnahi Karam Abdulkareem, Christian Angeloni, Ban Thierno Ibrahima, Michel D’elia, Claudio Ermi  Espinoza Puquio Jhordanjhimy, Paolo Fasoli, Pablo Gentili, Hassan Abdiwahab, Lorenzo Pieretti, Zhu Xiaolei, Michele Marcellini are the developers of Project PharmaBot that has won the HealthBot Contest, one of the novelties of the fourth edition of Project Factor J, promoted with Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine Italia.

Students in classes 5ASS and 4 MATS at IIS De Amicis–Cattaneo in Rome, directed by Giovanna Giammarruto.

PHARMABOT is a prototype for the automatic distribution of medication to elderly patients and those with sensory disabilities. It is an easily accessible, inclusive tool with braille code and sounds for the visually-impaired and visual signals for the hearing-impaired that is connected to user smartphones.

The final phase of the contest was held today at RomeCup, held at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata.”

"We chose to participate in this project because our social-health care focus has a direct impact on the lives of patients and artificial intelligence represents the future for the treatment and management of pathologies, guaranteeing patient autonomy for a longer period. We chose this prototype because it can be useful to the weakest categories, eliminating obstacles, and ensuring everyone can benefit from a correct pharmacological therapy," explain Professors Rossella Lo Giudice (healthcare) and Cinzia Coluzzi (support).


Second Place

SMEMOBOX is a 3D-printed device in PLA (natural bioplastic) certified for use with food and compatible with pharmaceuticals. Using an application, the device transmits a reminder to the patient to take their medication, directly from the Smemobox. Classes 4C, 4E, and 5C - ITIS Enrico Fermi, Rome


Third Place

VISION ALL - makes schools more accessible to individuals with visual disabilities, promoting a more inclusive school environment. It allows visually-impaired individuals to move around freely and independently throughout the school thanks to the use of an application. The application is designed with a user-friendly interface, compatible with assistive technology, and aims to guarantee indoor security through a system designed to identify obstacles and dangers, as well as help in emergency situations. Class 5 A Info - ITIS Ettore Majorana, Cassino (Frosinone) 



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