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National Dante Day in Rome’s Suburbs

La Divina Commedia VR

National Dante Day in Rome’s Suburbs

National Dante Day in Rome’s Suburbs

Smart & Heart Rome: starting March 28, the Divine Comedy in VR at Tufello

On March 25, Dantedì, the national day dedicated to Dante Alighieri, Rai Cinema will present a multi-platform project dedicated to the Divine Comedy. In particular, Dante's universe will pan out as an innovative story in various formats (clip, game, metaverse). Rai Cinema thereby confirms its constant attention to the dissemination of culture through new languages and new technologies.

Starting on March 25, the short film "Inferno" and the previously unreleased second chapter "Purgatorio" will be available on RaiPlay and Rai Cinema Channel in an accessible version for the deaf and blind, thanks to the collaboration with Rai Pubblica Utilità. Space will also be given to virtual reality with the presentation of the VR version of the two chapters which, for the first time, will exploit various environments in Florence, Milan and Turin. Starting on March 28, the project will also arrive in the Roman suburbs with Programme Smart & Heart Rome,  promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale with the Roma Council Department of Digital Transformation.

Meta Quest 2 visors will allow pupils to immerse themselves in the worlds narrated by literature, starting with Dante's Divine Comedy, a symbol of our country's linguistic-cultural identity, and then explore new educational content in the selection curated by Rai Cinema. 



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