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A Linguist with a Love for Digital Tools

L'esperienza trasformativa di ChangeBot nella storia di Ailin

A Linguist with a Love for Digital Tools

A Linguist with a Love for Digital Tools

The transformative experience of ChangeBot for Ailin.

When Ailin, a 26-year-old Argentinean living in Italy, participated in the ChangeBot hackathon , promoted by Italgas and Microsoft in 2022, she would never have imagined the impact that the event would have on her life. Her story is a journey on a passion for languages and a love for cultural diversity and technological innovation.

From Argentina to Italy: a dream become reality

“I always dreamed of coming to Italy,” says Ailin, who after having lived in Buenos Aires until she was 19, decided to move to Italy to study at the “Gabriele D’Annunzio” University  of Pescara. 

“The Italian language, the culture, the landscapes, and the food… everything has always fascinated me.” Her curiosity about the language and the diversity of Italian landscapes ("so different from Argentina! From Buenos Aires I had to drive 12 hours to see the mountains and 6 hours to see the sea") led her to embark on a journey and overcoming bureaucratic challenges to achieve her dream.

Ailin's determination is irresistible, despite the fact that she is homesick: “I miss the little things about Argentina that one sometimes takes for granted. Having breakfast with my parents, going out with my sister, listening to music together, telling each other a little about our days, and laughing at our misadventures.”

The motivation behind an academic choice 

The decision to pursue at master’s in foreign languages for management and international cooperation was led by her fascination for cultural diversity and the practical use of languages. “I wanted a path that would give me broad possibilities,” explains Ailin. “And this master's degree was perfect for me.”

The “ChangeBot” experience and its influence on Ailin’s thesis

Ailin found out about the “ChangeBot” hackathon through an email from the university. Initially, she didn't think she would be selected. In fact, her programme was not “particularly Stem”. However, not only was she allowed to participate (“when I received the call, I had just finished taking an exam and I couldn't believe it. I was so happy!”), but she also managed to emerge as one of the brightest minds of the challenge.

An experience that also profoundly influenced the writing of her master’s thesis. “After that wonderful experience a world opened up,” she states with enthusiasm.

Her thesis explores the theme of digital transition in the tourism sector, transversally addressing concepts such as digital communication, branding, storytelling, and marketing. “The digital transition is a topic that I approached thanks to the Fondazione Mondo Digitale”, confesses Ailin.

Significant Moments and Future Projects 

Amongst the most significant experiences at the hackathon, Ailin recalls brainstorming with her group and the support from the staff of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, Italgas, and Microsoft. "They provided their experience, but always promoted our ideas. I felt very appreciated and cared for,” she reflects.

Today, Ailin works in a language school in San Benedetto del Tronto ("I work with very young children - from three months of age upwards - and the approach is very playful and innovative") and dreams of continuing to grow professionally in the world of teaching, developing technological resources for language learning. “The experience with FMD made me understand the importance of linguists in the creation of digital resources,” she underlines.

A vision that moves us deeply and that brings us back with nostalgia to the memory of Tullio De Mauro, historical president of the Foundation.

A message for young women

“After this experience I kept in touch with the other students who participated in the hackathon, and I see the beautiful things they are doing. I have learned and continue to learn a lot from them, and I think this is really fundamental for inspiration and evolving through experiences and ideas that may not originate from us but can help us spark our own ideas and projects. It's an incredible chain!” says Ailin. Her message is clear: the importance of learning from others and evolving thanks to shared experiences and ideas. 

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