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Ho avuto un'idea! a Palermo

Learning is Fun

Learning is Fun

I Had an Idea at the Palermo Piazza School: creative ideas for catering.


A Tray for Kids is a creative series of activities to actively involve children while they eat without having to use tablets or smartphones.

Sometimes company don’t have a dedicated lunch area. Now, thanks to the two-level Business Box, employees can comfortably eat at their desk.

Patients with reduced mobility have a hard time eating in bed. Disability Trays include “smart” cutlery and glasses.

Even if you are always in a hurry, you have to stop to eat. The first smart canteen allows you to charge your smartphone and order your food on a touch display.

The Warmth of Your Smile is dedicated to hospitalized children. It’s an isothermal, coloured, functional, and ecological tray that also provides interesting games.

Lunch and play! The Entertainment Tray is designed for children aged 3-10 and developed for large restaurant chains serving families.

In developing their business ideas and the first prototype to launch on the market, students at the Pietro Piazza Food, Wine, and Hospitality Institute in Palermo revealed not only all their creativity, but also their ability to efficiently resolve one or more problems identified in the catering sector. Six collaborative projects were finalized by the end of the course held by Ivana VitranoDaniela FrennaMonica Guizzardi, and Feduf experts. 

Silvia Buzzone, the Palermo Coordinator for Project I Had an Idea!, promoted by Room to Read (US NGO active in the empowerment of girls and young women) with the Fondazione Mondo DigitaleFEdUF, and L’Altra Napoli, supervised all the activities. :“The students were creative and able to challenge themselves. These activities help them look at problems based on the role that they are assigned. The activity draws them in and allows them to fully act their roles out.”

“It gets more and more lively, and the students grow more interested, involved, and passionate, revealing that it is precisely experiences such as this that motivate them and make them emerge and express themselves,” Silvia wrote in November, at the end of an intense day in which the students had addressed business models and naming. Then, within a month, the business ideas took shape, and the students were able to present them at the December Symposium.

You can judge … which business idea would you invest in?

The Pietro Piazza Food, Wine, and Hospitality Institute, directed by Vito Pecoraro, is the school with the highest number of students in all of Italy. Four classes participated in the project (two fourth- and two fifth-year classes studying Tourist Reception and Bar Management) for a total of 66 students, followed by Professors Anna Giallombardo and Serafina Sallemi.

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