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HealthBOT: Six Finalists

Contest creativo Fattore J

HealthBOT: Six Finalists

HealthBOT: Six Finalists

Final challenge for the Factor J creative contest at RomeCup.

There are six finalist teams in the HealthBOT contest, introduced as part of the fourth edition of Project Factor J promoted with Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine. 

The final challenge will be held at RomeCup 2024 on Thursday, March 21. Each team will have five minutes to present its prototype and operation to a jury. At the end of each elevator pitch, the jury will assign a score of 1-5 points to the project based on the following criteria: 

  • Originality
  • Interdisciplinary nature 
  • Low cost 
  • Impact 
  • Efficacy
  • Clarity of presentation 
  • Work and team presentation 

The Jury is composed by:

The six finalist projects are:

SMEMOBOX is a 3D-printed device in PLA (natural bioplastic)certified for use with food and compatible with pharmaceuticals. Using an application, the device transmits a reminder to the patient to take their medication, directly from the Smemobox. 

Classes 4C, 4E, and 5C - ITIS Enrico Fermi, Rome

PHARMABOT is a prototype for the automatic distribution of medication to elderly patients and those with sensory disabilities. It is an easily accessible, inclusive tool with braille code and sounds for the visually-impaired and visual signals for the hearing-impaired that is connected to user smartphones.

Classes 5ASS and 4 MATS - IIS De Amicis–Cattaneo, Rome

MARCONIBOT is a virtual medical assistant that interacts with a wearable band equipped with sensors to measure vital patient parameters during sports activities: ECG, heartbeat, breaths per minute, body temperature, movement. The project was developed in Scratch and communicates via the wearable band by using an MQTT protocol. The sprite, activated as part of a medical studio internship, interacts with the patient wearing the band and indicates the patient’s vital parameters and ECG.

Class 5G - ITI Guglielmo Marconi, Nocera Inferiore (Salerno)

PROJECT B.O.N.E is a programme for the identification of osteoporosis, a disease that affects the skeletal system, making our bones more fragile. The software allows doctors to act preventively to slow down the progress of the disease. Osteoporosis is identified through an AI solution, developed through supervised machine learning. The results are also assessed via metrics that allow the identification of patients at risk, with a minimal error threshold.

Classes 3 AI, 3BI, 3BL, 4 AL, and 4CI - IIS Federico Caffè, Rome

VISION ALL - makes schools more accessible to individuals with visual disabilities, promoting a more inclusive school environment. It allows visually-impaired individuals to move around freely and independently throughout the school thanks to the use of an application. The application is designed with a user-friendly interface, compatible with assistive technology, and aims to guarantee indoor security through a system designed to identify obstacles and dangers, as well as help in emergency situations.

Class 5 A Info - ITIS Ettore Majorana, Cassino (Frosinone)

PARKINSON DETECTOR employs AI to recognise human figures in videos and calculate the position of their articulations, instant by instant, in order to correctly measure the movement angles of the articulations. The objective is to recognise significant differences in the kinematics of walking against standard values extrapolated from specialized literature. The device employs two video cameras positioned on the sides of a room and an AI system to monitor the movement of shoulders and elbows, while patients walk. In fact, various scientific studies have revealed that a reduction in shoulder/elbow oscillation is an early indicator of Parkinson’s.

Tommaso Caligari - ITIS Omar, Novara

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