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The Health Metaverse

chirurgia nel metaverso

The Health Metaverse

The Health Metaverse

Upcoming meeting for Programme Vagone FMD at Binario F

The metaverse will have a positive impact on the health sector and this is why we are contributing to its development. Surgeons will be able to practice in the metaverse before complicated operations. The metaverse is a virtual space, but it’s impact will be real.



How can he convergence of three forms of technology – virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence – in the metaverse transform the healthcare ecosystem? Can we take care of patients remotely, ensuring a constant virtual proximity? Can new therapies be developed with the digital twin model? What criteria should be followed to reduce the cost of the health system whilst improving the quality of patient therapy?


The next meeting of Programme Vagone FMD, from 01 to 100 in the Metaverse will address digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem: from new horizons for the raining of personnel to innovative therapies for rehabilitation. The appointment is on Wednesday, January 11, at Binario F, at the Rome Termini Railway Station.

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