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The Greatest Win? Learning!

Dattrino con Pietro e Livio

The Greatest Win? Learning!

The Greatest Win? Learning!

Robotics World Championships: dedicated to those who did not make the podium

Pietro De Maria and Livio Lorenzoni, members of Team Go for Broke, have both just graduated from the Polo tecnologico Manetti Porciatti in Grosseto after having successfully completed the last year of their Electronics and Robotics programme.

Having won the Italian title in the Soccer Open League category at RomeCup 2023, Pietro and Livio left full of enthusiasm and expectations for the world robotics championships in Bordeaux, France (RoboCup, July 4-10), accompanied by their mentor, Daniele Dattrino, Professor of Electronics and Electro-technics, who coordinated the entire educational robotics programme at the school. 

Unfortunately, the football robots were not up to the expectations of their trainers on the pitch. Something did not work … while the opponents seemed super. 

“An important experience, but disappointing results,” Prof. Dattrino wrote on WhatsApp to Fiammetta Castagnini, who has followed all the team’s results.

“However, we have understood what we need to improve and be competitive at a world championship level,” the professor added. 

For the students participating in the international challenges, the motto is always the same: “It’s important to learn, not to win.” 

To Pietro and Livio, and all the other students who competed without making the podium, we dedicate a special applause with the hope they conserve their passion to learn intact.  


The Awards Ceremony at the Rome Campidoglio

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