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"Fully Enjoy the Internet" Open Day for Parents

Vivi Internet, al meglio

"Fully Enjoy the Internet" Open Day for Parents

"Fully Enjoy the Internet" Open Day for Parents

Appointment tomorrow at the Trionfale Oratorio San Giuseppe.

As part of Project Fully Enjoy the Internet, tomorrow (Thursday, November 9) an open day for parents will be held at the Oratorio San Giuseppe in Trionfale (Sala Ennio, 17.30-18.30).


"The event is organized with the collaboration of the Rome Councillor Francesca Calamusa, a mother and regular visitor to the oratory," explains Marta Pietrelli who coordinates the project on online security, promoted by Google with the Postal Police, Altroconsumo, and Anteas.


"Parents who attend the oratory and neighbourhood associations are invited to the open day. The objective of the meeting is to present the project and the courses for parents, the digital literacy programme designed for them both as digital users and educators."


The training course, held by Nicoletta Vulpetti  and the experts of the Postal Police, includes four monthly meetings on the following topics:


  1. Digital well-being and awareness - Adults know that some mistakes made on the Internet at a young age may result in reputational damage. It is essential to make your children understand that a balanced and intelligent use of devices and the web can represent an opportunity for learning and true digital well-being.
  2. Privacy and cybersecurity - In a house, we have the key to the safe that stores our precious things. On-line, our keys are our passwords. It is essential that parents educate their children about the importance of privacy and safety online.
  3. Fake news and phishing - One of the most frequent risks that young people run online is that of being scammed. Many messages on the web pretend to be safe, but they are nothing more than attempts to steal information or damage devices. It is therefore important for parents to help children and educate them to distinguish true from false.
  4. Online security with the Postal Police – The Postal Police will highlight the risks and opportunities of the Internet.

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