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Fearless Robots on the News

dirigente scolastico Marco Di Maro

Fearless Robots on the News

Fearless Robots on the News

Corviale: creativity and technology against school drop outs and criminality.

Yesterday, journalist Mauro Scanu with a reporting team from the local Lazio news programme was at the Innovation Gym in Corviale to present daily activities at the school live on the Buongiorno Regione programme. The Innovation Gym was created thanks to Programme Smart & Heart Rome promoted by the City of Rome at the Istituto comprensivo Fratelli Cervi [see news: The Centripetal Power of Suburbs].

Mauro Scanu’s interview with school administrator Marco Di MaroEnrico Vulpiani, President of the Digitalisation Commission, Municipio XI; Ilaria Graziano, Project Manager, Fondazione Mondo Digitale.




The Innovation Gym in Corviale is an open lab for the community that encourages digital culture. Creativity and technology as a response to school dropouts and crime.

Parents and children sit around a table to learn how to use cell phones correctly, learn about coding and robotics, and how to design eco-sustainable clothes. At the Istituto Comprensivo Fratelli Cervi in Corviale, a neighbourhood where for over half of the residents the highest qualification is middle school, creating an Innovation Gym means giving a concrete solution to school dropouts and violence, like the one that took the life of a 33-year-old, just a few meters away from the school. The Fondazione Mondo Digitale created the Innovation Gym in Corviale, an experimental reality open to the territory, an experience that has already given excellent results in other suburbs of Rome, such as Tor Bella Monaca and Tufello.


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