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Digital, Education, Inclusion

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Digital, Education, Inclusion

Digital, Education, Inclusion

Cecilia Stajano presents the Innovation Gym Model at LUMSA


Digital, Education, Inclusion: Didactics, Research and Habitat is the title of the seminar promoted by the LUMSA University (Department of Human Sciences) through its two degree programmes in education: a degree programme in Education Sciences and an interclass Master's degree programme in Planning and Management of Socio-educational, Training and Media Education Services. The event will be held today, Monday, May 8 (3 pm) in the multimedia room at the Piazza delle Vaschette building.

The aim of the seminar is to reflect on the pedagogical implications of the use of digital technology for the development of an inclusive educational and school community open to its surroundings. The reflection will address research and teaching activity undertaken and/or implemented, in collaboration with social parties and the active participation of students in the interclass master’s degree programme on "Design and Management of Socio-educational, Training, and Media Education” (LM-50/LM-93).

The social parties involved in teaching and research activities, protagonists in the dissemination of a digital culture to encourage the formation of inclusive educational communities attentive to the development of active and responsible citizenship, include the Fondazione Mondo Digitale. Cecilia Stajano will present "The Innovation Gym Model: How Technology Changes Learning Environments and Promotes Inclusion."

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